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Co-op student heads to Alaska for research position

We wish she could find a more beautiful workplace. This is the view from a fillet table in Whittier, Alaska where Kat O’Brien does port sampling. Kat is an environmental science major who’s on co-op conducting fisheries research at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage.

She’s working in the Fisheries, Aquatic Science and Technology Laboratory (FAST Lab) and writes that she divides her time among projects.

“(I am either) analyzing benthic imagery, port sampling halibut hearts to look for parasites, or other misc. things,” she writes. “My independent project is building and conducting a survey of recreational and commercial fishers on the recent Pacific razor clam population decline; I work closely with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in order to make this survey happen.”

Kat has also been able to enjoy hiking in the mountains, eating fish for dinner, and camping “as much as possible.”

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A photo of a mountain behind some boats in Whittier, Alaska.

A photo from Whittier, Alaska where Kat O’Brien is on co-op in Alaska. (courtesy photo)

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