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Chemistry major heads to India to co-op at Ernst & Young

“The true highlight of living and working in India is the people.”

Ruby Tower in Mumbai

View from Spencer Martin’s office on the 16th floor of the Ruby Tower in Mumbai. (courtesy photo)

That’s what chemistry major Spencer Martin writes while on co-op in Mumbai, India. Martin is working at Ernst & Young as part of the pharmaceuticals team, preparing for and performing mergers and acquisitions of Indian and multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

When he’s not working — though not often — Martin has been traveling the country. “Everywhere I go I’m offered incredible hospitality and unconditional assistance, whether it be directions, recommendations, or even changing the oil on my motorcycle,” he wrote.

He has been able to tour the Himalayas by motorcycle, travel through central India to the Taj Mahal and the “colorful city” of Jaipur, and made it to Goa, the beach center of West India.

He has been showered with kindness during his travels. “On a daily basis I’m offered to sit, drink chai, and chat with complete strangers who’s goal is simply to be kind to me. This accommodating mentality is the same from rural villages to my formal work environment at EY.”

Martin says life is quite different in India than in Boston. It’s quite humid, with street-side chai for seven cents. But his favorite new cuisine? Paneer masala with parathas.

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