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Chemistry Department Ranked Most Gender Diverse

According to the latest survey conducted by the Open Chemistry Collaborative in Diversity Equity (OXIDE), the percentage of female faculty in STEM fields, specifically chemistry, is slowly increasing. According to a poll of the top 50 chemistry departments in the United States, in the 2016–17 academic year, an average of 20% of the roughly 1,500 chemistry faculty were women.

In 2016–17, Northeastern University had the highest percentage of total chemistry faculty who were women, at 32%, or 7 of 22. Northeastern’s chemistry department is proud to be recognized as one of the most gender diverse in the nation, leading the initiative to expand the STEM industry to include more women.

Source: Open Chemistry Collaborative in Diversity Equity (OXIDE) survey 2016–17.Note: Figures are for tenured and tenure-track women chemistry faculty at 46 of the 50 schools identified as having spent the most on chemistry research in fiscal 2014 by the National Science Foundation. When a school has multiple campuses, faculty numbers are for the campus listed. Declined to participate: Univ. of Akron; Univ. of California, San Francisco; Univ. of Colorado, Boulder; Stanford Univ.

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