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Biology undergraduates attend recent meetings

Several undergraduate students represented the Department of Biology at recent conferences.

The group went to the Eastern New England Biological Conference at Suffolk University in April. Students also went to the Eastern Branch Conference of the Entomological Society of America in Newport, Rhode Island in March.

They did not compete for awards at either meeting, but it’s reported to the college that “good time was had by all.”

April Thwin, Brittany Noonan, Steve Winston, and Muizz Zaman at the ENEBC meeting.

Steve Winston, Muizz Zaman, and Brittany Noonan at the ENEBC meeting

Steve Winston, Muizz Zaman, and Professor Wendy Smith at the ENEBC meeting.

Khaled ElNaggar, Muizz Zaman, Professor Wendy Smith, Mr. Entomology, April Thwin, and Alia Zeid at the Entomological Society meeting.

Brittany Noonan enjoys a demonstration of live scorpions and centipedes at the Entomological Society meeting.

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