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Biology faculty named Fellows in the Sciences

Congratulations to Melissa McElligott, an Academic Specialist, and Donald O’Malley, an Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator, who have been named National Academies Education Fellows in the Sciences. Both McElligott and O’Malley work in the biology department.

The two were selected to participate in the 2014 National Academies Summer Institute on Undergraduate Education in Science which led to this honor.

Barbara Schaal, the chair of the Division of Earth and Life Studies at the National Research Council writes in the announcement letter:

By sending this team to the National Academies Summer Institute, your institution is at the forefront of improvement of undergraduate education that is so essential for preparing both future scientists and scientifically literate citizens. I think you not only for supporting the participation of your team, but also for recognizing the scholarship in which team members from your institution have and will continue to engage as they implement and evaluate teachable units in their courses.

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