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Apps, Co-ops, Startups, and Global Solutions: It's RISE:2013

Ever walk by a con­struc­tion project in the city and wonder what the site will look like one day? Well, a team of seven seniors at North­eastern has cre­ated a new app for that.

For their inter­ac­tive media cap­stone, the stu­dents devel­oped what they call arc—a mobile appli­ca­tion that bridges the gap between archi­tects and the public in regard to city plan­ning. Here’s how it would work: Archi­tects upload project specs, and com­mu­nity mem­bers walk to the con­struc­tion site and use an iPad’s camera-​​view fea­ture to see an aug­mented reality overlay of the pro­posed building over the cur­rent site. Users could view details like foot traffic, wind pat­terns, and the building’s shadows throughout the day, and then post feed­back directly to the architects.

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