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Professor Michael Pollastri talks about his research

Professor and Department Chair Michael Pollastri of Chemical and Chemical Biology sits down with the College of Science Graduate Program staff to talk about his research at Northeastern University.
Yellow and red fireworks exploding in a dark sky

The science behind fireworks

What makes a firework…work? We asked Michael Pollastri, professor and chair of the chemistry department, what’s happening inside those Fourth of July favorites—and which color fireworks are particularly challenging to create.

Meet the graduates: Travis DeLano

Travis DeLano is a University Scholar with a near-perfect GPA and a passion for chemistry. Here, he reflects on his past five years at Northeastern and looks ahead to the future.
Dana Klug

PhD Profile: Dana Klug

Dana Klug, Chemistry PhD candidate, sits down with the College of Science Graduate Program staff to talk about what it’s like to work and study at Northeastern University.

3Qs: Four new elements added to periodic table

The seventh row of the periodic table is now complete after Monday’s announcement of four new elements. Chemistry professor Michael Pollastri explains why this is an important milestone for science.

Students join push to end neglected tropical diseases

A group of North­eastern stu­dents has joined the cru­sade to bring an end to the 17 neglected trop­ical dis­eases that affect more than 1 bil­lion people around the world. Called NEU END7, the group has been working since October to raise aware­ness of NTDs and help erad­i­cate the seven most common trop­ical infec­tions by 2020.