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2018 Steele Prize to honor Andrei Zelevinsky posthumously

The 2018 Steele Prize for Seminal Contribution to Research in Discrete Mathematics/Logic will be awarded to Sergey Fomin and Andrei Zelevinsky (posthumously) for their paper “Cluster algebras I: Foundations,” published in 2002 in the Journal of the American Mathematical Society.

Northeastern math professor begins new NSF-funded research on moduli spaces

Math Professor Ana-Maria Castravet's research project on moduli spaces of rational curves has just been approved by the National Science Foundation, and she is eager to get to work.

Northeastern math professors bridge the gap for high school calculus programs

A successful summer of the Bridge to Calculus Program has brought over 100 high school students to Northeastern's campus as they prepare for advanced math classes for their senior year.

Math professors secure $2M NSF award

The $2.2 million award aims to recruit and train young people by engaging them in research in algebraic geometry and representation theory. The project involves all levels of education, from undergraduate to postdoctoral studies.
Hua Zhao

MS Profile: Hua Zhao

Hua Zhao, an MS in Applied Mathematics candidate, sits down with the College of Science Graduate Program staff to talk about what it’s like to study at Northeastern University.