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Northeastern builds bridges between string theory and data science

The first ever Workshop on Data Science and String Theory was held on November 30 by Northeastern physicists James Halverson, Brent Nelson, and Cody Long, bringing together string theorists and data scientists to bring research and discovery to the next level.
Alessandro Vespignani: Fighting Diseases in the Age of Big Data

What social media data could tell us about the future

Can a flow of information across Twitter signal when a momentous event is about to occur? Northeastern’s Alessandro Vespignani and an interdisciplinary group of scientists developed a method to find out. Their findings represent an initial step in constructing models to detect trouble before it’s too late.
Northeastern launched its Network Science Institute at a gala event on Nov. 4

World-​​renowned scholars launch Northeastern’s Network Science Institute

The Network Science Institute, home of the nation’s first doctoral program in network science, brings together an interdisciplinary team of renowned Northeastern scholars to plumb the structure and function of systems and develop intervention strategies to improve the health and security of people around the world.
Alessandro Vespignani: Fighting Diseases in the Age of Big Data

How to battle disease using Big Data

At the latest installment of the “Minds over Matters: NUterm Faculty Speaker Series,” Sternberg Family Distinguished University Professor Alessandro Vespignani described how his lab is able to predict the spread of a disease by tracking just one person.