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Ten things to know about being on co-op at the world’s largest particle physics laboratory

Meet Katie Larkin, Jameson O’Reilly, and Preston Epps. Three fourth year students who spent the last six months living and working abroad at one of the world’s largest centers for scientific research – the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland, more commonly known as CERN.

Matter matters: Northeastern Physicists Explore Dark Matter at CERN

Professors Barberis and Wood have been awarded a three-year grant for research to be completed at CERN in Switzerland, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)—the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator used by physicists around the world to track and identify particle collisions.
Nicholas Haubrich at CERN

Physics student on co-op at CERN

Nicholas Haubrich has been a busy man while on co-op. When he's not working long hours on location, he's traveling through Europe.
Nick DePorzio

Swiss Mountains beckon physics student for dream co-​​op

When it came time to choose a col­lege, Nick DePorzio found a piece of infor­ma­tion that solid­i­fied his choice to attend Northeastern. One of the university’s more than 2,900 co-​​op sites is CERN, the Euro­pean Orga­ni­za­tion for Nuclear Research, which hosts the world’s largest and most pow­erful par­ticle accel­er­ator.

3Qs: Doomsday predictions debunked

Some people are not making plans for the New Year. From hiding in bomb shel­ters to sharp­ening their sur­vival skills, doomsday the­o­rists are preparing for judg­ment day, which the Mayan cal­endar pre­dicts will take place on Friday.