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These bacteria may be the key to treating clinical depression

Scientists estimate that we share our bodies with 38 trillion organisms that play an integral part in keeping us healthy and making us who we are. They crawl across our skin, cling to our intestines, and generally call our bodies home. Now, a study led by researchers at Northeastern shows that there is a potential link between the bacteria that live in our gut and clinical depression.

Researchers’ discovery may explain difficulty in treating Lyme disease

A research team led by University Distinguished Professor Kim Lewis presents in a new paper that it has identified drug-tolerant persister cells in the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. The researchers also present a promising approach to potentially eradicating this and other infections.

Highway of dreams for microbiologists

A few years ago, biologists Slava Epstein and Yoshiteru Aoi fantasized about a device that would work like a highway lane closure to isolate pure bacterial samples from the environment. They teamed with assistant professor of chemical engineering Ed Goluch to make this a reality.

Why bacteria are beautiful, and why we need them

Nobel Laureate Sir Richard Roberts, recently appointed Distinguished University Professor in the College of Science, on Monday afternoon discussed his love for bacteria and their symbiosis with people, after which he engaged in a conversation with President Joseph E. Aoun.