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Northeastern launched its Network Science Institute at a gala event on Nov. 4

World-​​renowned scholars launch Northeastern’s Network Science Institute

The Network Science Institute, home of the nation’s first doctoral program in network science, brings together an interdisciplinary team of renowned Northeastern scholars to plumb the structure and function of systems and develop intervention strategies to improve the health and security of people around the world.

Groundbreaking research maps cultural history

New research from Northeastern's Center for Complex Network Research presents a pioneering approach to understanding European and North American cultural history by mapping out the mobility patterns of notable intellectuals over a 2,000-year span.

Brilliant and motivated, but a good hire?

Albert-László Barabási, a world-​​renowned net­work sci­en­tist and Dis­tin­guished Uni­ver­sity Pro­fessor of Physics at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, is the inau­gural Robert Gray Dodge Pro­fessor of Net­work Sci­ence.

Researchers use science to predict success

Like the rest of the aca­d­emic com­mu­nity, physi­cists rely on var­ious quan­ti­ta­tive fac­tors to deter­mine whether a researcher will enjoy long-​​term suc­cess.

A kid in a network shop

There are some ques­tions that you don’t need to be a sci­en­tist to ask. You need to be a little kid.