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Virtual Welcome Day

The College of Science would like to invite you to take part in a “virtual welcome day” Saturday, February 16, 2013. The event kicks off at 12 p.m., and will continue throughout the day, highlighting each of our programs. The schedule is posted below. This virtual welcome day will give you a chance to learn […]
July 09, 2020

Winter Storm 2013

The university cancelled classes Friday and is closed both Friday and Saturday. In addition, the Welcome Day for admitted students that was scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled.
July 09, 2020

Art + Science = Career

Senior physics major Emily Batt learned an important lesson by conducting research on melancholy 17th-century monks for a directed study as an undeclared freshman. “It was the first time I realized that one topic could be approached and understood from many different perspectives,” said Batt, who was named the 2012 student commencement speaker by members […]
July 09, 2020

Pushing Math To The Limit

You may not have taken a math class for many years, but you probably remember the equation “y = mx + b.” If pressed, you could probably recall the quadratic equation. And you might know that the square root of negative one is an imaginary number. For most of the adult population — including scholars […]
July 09, 2020

Scouting For Novel Bacteria

Few things are so mysterious as bacteria. Indeed, the Great Plate Anomaly has baffled microbial biologists for more than a century: While millions of bacterial species populate the globe, only about one-tenth of a percent are cultivable in the lab. The rest have long been considered “uncultivable,” but Northeastern biology professor Slava Epstein thinks otherwise. In two […]
July 09, 2020

Study: After 2,500 Years, Dead Coral Reef Comes Back to Life

A new study featured in Science suggests that coral may be able to recover from disaster. The paper, co-authored by Richard Aronson of the Florida Institute of Technology, combined the skills of several universities, including Prof. Steven Vollmer and PhD student David Combosch from Northeastern University. The study focused on the reefs off the Pacific […]
July 09, 2020

A Better Future for Urban Coastal Environment

More than two-thirds of the world’s major cities are by the sea. As the world’s population grows, many of those cities are experiencing massive influxes, which translate into increasing burdens on coastal environments, according to Geoff Trussell, director of Northeastern’s Marine Science Center and chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. In the […]
July 09, 2020