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Experiential Learning

Students at Northeastern University with majors in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, and Marine Biology have many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom - through co-ops, the Three Seas program, and much more.

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Experiential Opportunities

Marine Science Center


Cooperative Education (co-op) is a distinctive form of experiential education in which students alternate periods of academic study with 6 month periods of work experience in their field(s) of interest. Learn more about co-op opportunities in Marine and Environmental Sciences.


Three Seas

Students who wish to move beyond the confines of the traditional classroom will spend a year immersed in field and laboratory science at three distinct locations: the Northeast and Pacific Northwest coasts of the United States, and the Caribbean coast of Central America. The Three Seas Program is ideal for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students who wish to broaden their knowledge of marine science. This program has a strong research focus taught by a diverse and high-caliber faculty who direct active research programs worldwide.


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Giant Eels and Rare Penguins: Co-ops get a Crash Course in Marine Science

Co-ops at the New England Aquarium get to interact with fascinating ocean animals from around the world. But they have to put in a lot of hard work first.
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From a cub to adulthood, this tame male cheetah was hand raised on the Na/a'ankuse Sanctuary. Pictured here, researchers were helping to assist with the FIT (Footprint Identification Technology) project. Photo courtesy of Julie Dobkins.

Lions, and Cheetahs, and Co-ops (Oh My!)

Some students go for the practical co-op. Others are looking to pursue their passions. Third year biology major Julie Dobkin asks: Why choose?
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What It’s Like to Co-op in the Heart of Mongolia

Cameron Clark, a second year linguistics student, is currently on his first Co-op as an English teacher, working for Santis Educational Services in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
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