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Three Seas (Undergraduate)

2014-02-25 03.37.57For over thirty years, the Three Seas Program has provided a unique and challenging experience for undergraduate students seeking further knowledge in marine science. Three Seas is an intensive, inspiring, and rewarding program for undergraduate upperclassmen interested in pursuing a career in marine science after graduation. In line with Northeastern’s focus on experiential learning, Three Seas puts study into practice with field-work, research, and diving enhancing the concepts taught in the classroom. Due to the small size of the program, Three Seas cohorts develop lasting relationships, not only amongst their fellow students but with the faculty teaching the courses. These connections have provided many opportunities including being invited to assist with research at the Marine Science Center, gaining an internship during the summer between the two sessions, and leads on jobs for after graduation.

Northeastern students are able to use the program as one method to complete degree requirements for the BS in Marine Biology. Former Three Seas students often become very involved with the department after completing the program. From becoming officers in the Marine Biology Club on the Boston campus to continuing their studies or seeking out job opportunities at the Marine Science Center in Nahant, Northeastern students have found the program to be a good foundation for future career plans.

Study Abroad Option for Visiting Students

For non-Northeastern students, Three Seas is a great alternative to the typical study-abroad program! In addition to your studies, your participation can lead to a network of colleagues, future research partners, and new friends.


The program also provides students interested in marine studies who may not be near a coastline the chance to experience three different marine ecosystems, providing an experience you cannot replicate at a land-locked institution. Three Seas also provides the opportunity for visiting students to work closely with Northeastern faculty members, many of whom are advisors for PhD candidates at the Marine Science Center.

All students earn undergraduate level Northeastern credits for participating in the program. Visiting students should check with their home institution regarding credit transfers.

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