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Graduate Degrees

PhD in Marine and Environmental Sciences

The PhD program in Marine and Environmental Sciences will train independent scientists whose research addresses fundamental and applied questions at local, regional, national, and global scales.

MS in Marine Biology

The Master of Science in Marine Biology emphasizes close interaction between graduate students and faculty members in developing the intellectual and experimental skills required for creative, independent research.

MS in Environmental Science and Policy

The program emphasizes a broadly interdisciplinary and synthetic approach that integrates knowledge in the environmental sciences with their counterparts in the social sciences.


More News

Pumpkins of the Deep

Next level pumpkin carving, underwater.
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Connecting the Land and Sea

Terrestrial plants account for the vast majority of life on land, and their contribution to life in the sea might be larger than you think.
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Example of the type of small autonomous underwater vehicle that will be used for this project. Image courtesy of Bonaire 2008: Exploring Coral Reef Sustainability with New Technologies.

NOAA Funds MSC Exploration of Ancient Marine Forest

A team of researchers from the MSC has received a grant from the NOAA Ocean Exploration and Research division to explore the remains of an ancient and now-submerged forest, in…
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