Combinatorics & Discrete Math

Discrete mathematics is perhaps the fastest growing area of modern mathematics. It has a wealth of real world applications, especially in computer science, which have greatly contributed to its rapid growth. The Department of Mathematics has an active research group in combinatorics, the central field of discrete mathematics. The faculty in our Combinatorics Group work in a variety of areas including algebraic combinatorics, discrete and combinatorial geometry, and graph theory.

Mark Ramras
Egon Schulte
Gabor Lippner

The research of several other department members includes work on topics closely related to combinatorics:

Maxim Braverman (polytopes and toric varieties)
Anthony Iarrobino (combinatorial aspects of Hilbert schemes)
Venkatraman Lakshmibai (Coxeter groups and the geometry of Schubert varieties)
Mikhail Malioutov (combinatorial search problems)
David Massey (hyperplane arrangements and singularities)
Alexandru Suciu (combinatorics and topology of hyperplane arrangements)
Jonathan Weitsman (problems involving analysis and combinatorics of convex polytopes)