Northeastern University Working Papers in Linguistics

The Northeastern University Working Papers in Linguistics (NEUWPL) is a publication of undergraduate research work at Northeastern University. It provides a venue for our students to make their current research available to the wider linguistic community. Our goal is to publish contributions that are still in the early stages of development in order to encourage an active discussion of fresh ideas from all areas of specialization.


NEUWPL Fall, 2017. Volume 2 Edited by Shiti Malhotra

Julia Benson- Labelling Effects on Stigma Surrounding Disabilities

Michael Leonard Brown- Language Contact and Learning to Speak: What Pidgins Can Tell Us about Second Language Learning

Suraya Foster- Multilingualism in the Workplace: Attitudes towards French, Flemish, and English at Multinational Companies in Brussels

Ana Piccirillo- Grime: London Subculture and Expression

Hannah Powers- Crosslinguistic Approaches to Gender in Personal Pronouns

Parker T. Robbins- Transfer, Selectivity, and Competence: First Language Attrition and Minimalism

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