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President Aoun talks to a Linguistics class in Ryder Hall on Feb. 1, 2016. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

Students in the Linguistics Program at Northeastern are strongly encouraged to gain research experience, and to that end we offer a number of opportunities for undergraduate research. The foundation for research is set in the coursework that students complete, and research-based projects are incorporated in most courses, giving students the opportunity to practice the skills and tools needed to engage in future projects. Outside of the classroom, students also have numerous opportunities to get involved with research, either working on a faculty-member’s research or developing a question of their own.

Students may choose to work as research assistants on faculty projects, gaining hands-on experience with some of the various stages of a large, ongoing research project: literature review and question formation, project design, development of the methodology, data collection and coding, data analysis, and presentation of the findings. Students in this role may volunteer their time, earn funding through the Federal Work-Study Program, or earn course credit.


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