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Becoming A Co-op Employer

The Cooperative Education Program at Northeastern University, also known as “co-op” is an educational model that provides students with opportunities to alternate periods of academic study and periods of full-time employment related to their academic majors and interests.

For you, the employer, the program offers a gateway to enthusiastic employees with developing skills and talents, as well as potential relationships with future colleagues.


Employing a Northeastern co-op student allows you to build your own qualified, trained future employee pool, tackle those back-burner projects, handle recurring tasks, and free up employees for higher level projects. Hire only as needed, for as long as needed.

Being part of the co-op program at Northeastern will give you:

  • A simple, cost-effective way to meet human resource needs: no fringe benefits, no recruitment costs. Co-op students are paid as temporary hourly employees. (Select co-op positions may be unpaid or paid with a stipend.)
  • Six-month co-op periods, which allow ample time for students to be productive and valuable employees after they are trained.
  • The ability to schedule back-to-back co-op periods for full-time coverage or select six-month periods for busy times.
  • The enthusiasm, fresh perspective, and energy of talented young people eager to learn.


When you become an employer partner of Northeastern University, you work with a dedicated Co-op Coordinator to assist you throughout the co-op process. This expert faculty member works within the structured program to  support you and students throughout the co-op process.

The Co-op Coordinator can help you to:

  • Post new positions to the co-op database
  • Determine qualifications (required courses, skills, etc.) to attract the best applicants
  • Screen applicants
  • Inform you of upcoming application deadlines
  • Address any issues that should arise while a student is on co-op

The Full Co-op Cycle in Six Easy Steps

  1. Identify your needs: Your assigned co-op coordinator can advise you about what level and type of students are available, what types of tasks are appropriate for a co-op position, and how other students can benefit your organization.
  2. Submit a job description: The job description should describe your company and the position to be filled, the job requirements and the pay range. A co-op coordinator can help you refine the job description and identify appropriate tasks for co-op students.
  3. Review résumés: Co-op coordinators identify appropriate candidates and send you résumés to review. Select the students that you wish to interview and communicate your decisions to the coordinator.
  4. Interview candidates: Conduct candidate interviews either at your work site or on Northeastern’s campus.
  5. Hire, train, and oversee students: Make the final selections and after the students begin work, provide the necessary orientation and job training.
  6. Evaluate your co-op student: Complete an online evaluation form and exit interview at the end of the six-month co-op assignment for each student.

Hire a Student Today!

Contact Veronica Porter via email or phone (617.373.3471) to connect with the appropriate Co-op Coordinator.


Spring Co-op

Fall Co-op

Employment Start Date

January 1st

July 1st

Employment End Date

June 30th

December 31st

*Start/end dates are approximate. Official start dates will be determined by the employer.