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Burba Lecture: Tipping Points and Transformation in Coupled Human-Ocean Systems

Presented by Anne Salomon, PhD Associate Professor and Hakai Professor Simon Fraser University Ecological surprises challenge science and society. While emerging evidence points to the existence of abrupt shifts in ecosystems worldwide, predicting when and where they will occur is notoriously difficult because unraveling their mysteries requires understanding both ecological and social phenomena that occur across different scales of space and time. By drawing on examples from kelp forests, ancient…

Public talk: Nitrogen – friend or foe? Effects of fertilization on a New England salt marsh

Presented by Dr. Torrie Hanley, Postdoctoral Researcher, Northeastern University Increased nutrient inputs as a result of human activities threaten valuable coastal systems such as salt marshes and the communities relying on their ecosystem services. Understanding how nutrient pollution affects key salt marsh species is a critical step in predicting the capacity of the ecosystem to respond to additional environmental stressors. This talk will discuss the effects of increased levels of…