Honors in Linguistics

Students wishing to earn Honors in Linguistics may do so by completing an in-depth research project working closely with a member of the Linguistics faculty, as outlined below.

Eligibility for Honors in Linguistics:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 and a GPA of 3.6 in courses that cover the requirements for the Linguistics major. No prior honors program participation is required.
  • In junior and/or senior year while completing the research project and thesis.
  • Complete eight credit hours of supervised, independent research with a faculty advisor that will typically be completed over two semesters.  Any of the following course numbers can be used (as appropriate) for the project:
    • LING 4970/LING 4971 (Jr/Sr Honors Project 1 and 2)
    • LING 4891 (Research Seminar in Linguistics)
    • LING 4991 (Directed Study Research)
    • LING 4996 (Experiential Education Directed Study)
  • Complete and submit a proposal to a committee composed of the candidate’s project advisor and one additional faculty member with relevant expertise.  The proposal, not to exceed 1000 words, should outline the project, the methodology, and the importance of the study.
  • The candidate will seek all appropriate approvals, including that of the Northeastern University Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects Committee), as needed.
  • The candidate will submit the final results of the study, in the form of a final thesis, to the committee. The candidate will also revise the thesis and resubmit it, as directed by the committee, prior to completion of the final four-credit course. The final thesis will be approved by both members of the committee, and the approved final thesis will be submitted to Snell Library’s Institutional Repository System (IRIS). A copy must also be submitted to the Linguistics Program. Candidates are strongly encouraged to present their work at one or more Linguistics conferences and to submit their thesis manuscript for publication, if possible.

Complete and submit this form and required paperwork in order to initiate the Honors in the Discipline process.