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BS in Chemistry

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The overall objective of the BS Chemistry Major program is to provide the fundamental scientific background and practical training for students as they prepare for chemistry-related careers or advanced study in fields including the traditional chemical specialties, as well as biochemistry, materials science, forensic science, medicine, education, law, and other endeavors that may draw upon an understanding of the chemical basis of the world around us. A key general objective is the development of qualitative and quantitative problem-solving skills. Of comparable importance is developing effective communication skills. Specific learning objectives for the chemistry major include, to:

  • Develop conceptual understanding and problem-solving abilities in the fundamental chemical subfields of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry
  • Gain a foundation of physics and mathematics and integrate these areas with chemical principles
  • Earn the relevance of chemistry to biology, pharmacology, medicine, manufactured and natural materials, and the environment
  • Perform accurate and precise quantitative measurements
  • Synthesize and characterize inorganic and organic compounds
  • Earn proper laboratory practices, including safety, waste management, and record keeping
  • Use and understand modern instruments, including NMR, IR, UV-vis, and mass spectrometers, and chromatographic and electrochemical instruments
  • Interpret experimental results and draw reasonable conclusions
  • Develop proficiency with computers for data acquisition and analysis, simulation, theoretical prediction, access to information, and report preparation
  • Plan, design, and execute experiments based on chemical literature
  • Communicate effectively through written and oral reports

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