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Excellent Professors

Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Technology Michael Pollastri with chemistry major Charlie HoytStudents in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology can expect nearly all major-related courses to be taught by research-active faculty and industry experts. Our faculty leverage their firsthand experience to create a dynamic learning environment for students that will prepare them for the many changes and scientific advances seen in chemistry-related fields.

Signature Co-op Program

Spencer MartinFaculty members and co-op advisors will work with students to best match their interests with co-op opportunities. Students on co-op have worked at companies such as Merck, Novartis, Astra-Zeneca, Takeda, E-Ink, Amgen, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School.

International co-ops with organizations like SINTEF, in Norway and Spring-8, in Japan are also available to chemistry students interested in working abroad.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Prototype lithium-ion batteriesFaculty in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology are world leaders in various aspects of research, including medicinal chemistry, clinical chemistry, anti-cancer drug research, neurochemistry, personalized medicine, renewable energy, and cellular biochemistry.

Each of our faculty members offers hands-on undergraduate research experiences to students, which often lead to undergraduates being listed as co-authors in publications with their research mentors. All our chemistry majors graduate with at least a full semester of such research experience though the majority has more.

World Class Research Facilities

Chemistry FacilitiesThe department is home to several research centers that are on the forefront of innovation and discovery. Our undergraduates have access to cutting edge equipment, including mass spectrometers and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers.

Premier Location

Boston SkylineLocated in the heart of Boston, Northeastern University is embedded in the hub of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and high technology industries. We are also proximal to one of the highest concentrations of medical research establishments in the world.

Our Graduates

Students wearing caps and gownsMore than 90 percent of Northeastern’s graduates are employed full time or enrolled in graduate school within nine months of graduation. In addition to consistently exceeding this university average, a number of Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology graduates also go on to prestigious medical, veterinary, dental, and other professional schools.