BS/MS Chemistry (5 Year Program)

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology has developed a unique program leading to both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Chemistry following an intensive five-year period of study including significant research and industrial experience. The BS/MS program is entirely compatible with the goals of a pre-med student.

The goal of the dual degree is to foster closer relations between students, faculty and industrial partners. Students will work on research projects developed jointly by faculty and private sector partners leading to a MS thesis. Students will participate in three six-month co-op and/or internship periods. For students interested in medicine, the internships will involve local medical schools and hospitals.The BS/MS program is directed toward high-achieving students with an overall QPA of 3.25 or higher. Students will be considered for admission into the program following completion of 80 semester hours of university credit including a minimum of six chemistry courses.

Students will not jeopardize their BS degree nor affect opportunities to pursue higher degrees by participating in the BS/MS program.