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Provost Research Award Winners

After finding a research lab, you are encouraged to apply for a Provost’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Awards which provides funds for research support including supplies, software, and partial travel to research sites and to present work at professional meetings.

Recent Behavioral Neurosciences student grant recipients  are listed below.

Student: Irina Ahn
Mentor: Wendy Smith
Project: Maternal Effects on Embryonic Immunity

Student: George Bekheet and Hayden Henderson
Mentor: Marilyn Minus
Project: A Multi-Assay Recording System (MARS) for Electrophysiological Data Acquisition from Awake Behaving Mice

Student: Anthony Formicola
Mentor: Alisa Lincoln
Project: Resources for Indigenous Peoples in Australia

Student: Pankhuri Singhal
Mentor: James Monaghan
Project: CRISPR/Cas9 mediated knockout of novel genes regulating limb patterning in the regenerating axolotl model

Student: Jaimie Spahr
Mentor: Joseph Ayers
Project: Robotic Lobster Antennae Mimic Exploratory Sensory Behavior