Study Abroad

Students in the Behavioral Neuroscience program have greatly benefited from engaging in study abroad experiences including traditional study abroad semesters, Dialogues of Civilization summer sessions, the Three Seas Program and international co-ops.

Study abroad locations that offer a greater number of neuroscience, psychology and biology courses that can fulfill requirements in the major include these institutions:

Australia: Bond University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland

New Zealand: University of Auckland, University of Canterbury

Europe: Queen Mary, University of London, Vrije Universiteit, University College Dublin, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

We recommend enrolling in a mix of NU core and major requirements while on study abroad and early consultation with your faculty and/or academic advisors to appropriately plan your study abroad semester.

Starting Fall 2016, the GEO office offers some additional financial support in the form of an International Experience Grant for both traditional study abroad semesters and Dialogues of Civilization. Please see application deadlines on their websites.