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BS in Behavioral Neuroscience

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Behavioral Neuroscience focuses on the biological basis of behavior. The BNS major combines the disciplines of biology and psychology to appreciate the scope of behavior and then understand how the behavior of humans and animals is controlled by physiological systems.

Course work is designed to provide an understanding of nerve cells, chemical neurotransmission, and neural circuits as well as fundamental biological processes such as inheritance, development, and physiology and then to see how these biological mechanisms give rise to normal and pathological behavior. Students tailor their major to meet their specific interests by selecting six Behavioral Neuroscience CORE courses out of 14 possible offerings which focus on diverse specializations and current topics in the field.

The curriculum for the major includes a strong background in biology, psychology, chemistry and mathematics and prepares students for higher degree granting programs in graduate or medical school. In addition, students with a bachelor’s degree are qualified for employment in a variety of fields from clinical and basic research to positions in health care or biotechnology.

The Behavioral Neuroscience minor is a five-course academic minor requiring a minimum of 20 semester hours (SH) of study. The course selections are spread between the parent departments of the Behavioral Neuroscience Major (i.e., Psychology and Biology) and provide a wide background in the area of Behavioral Neuroscience. Students are required to take one intermediate-level foundational course and four Behavioral Neuroscience Core courses, two from each of the parent departments of the discipline. Students majoring in Psychology and Biology may minor in Behavioral Neuroscience.

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