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MS in Biotechnology / Certificate Combined Programs

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There are two options for combined MS in Biotechnology/certificate programs. These combined options allow students to use specific credits to fulfill the requirements of both the MS and certificate.

    Overview of MS in Biotechnology/Graduate Certificate in Nanomedicine:
    The Graduate Certificate in Nanomedicine is designed for scientists, engineers, and physicians to develop competency and practical skills in the application of nanotechnology to problems in medicine. This program is appropriate for those working in, or seeking careers in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, biomedical, or clinical fields. The MS in Biotechnology program is innovative, interdisciplinary and cutting edge which highlights hot areas, such as nanomedicine. The natural synergy between Nanomedicine and Biotechnology will provides an excellent opportunity for students.

    The 12 credits of the Graduate Certificate in Nanomedicine are fulfilling concentration-specific course and elective requirements of the MS in Biotechnology.

    Go here for curriculum requirements of the Graduate Certificate in Nanomedicine.

    Overview of the MS in Biotechnology/Gordon Institute Engineering Leadership (GIEL) Program:
    The Gordon Institute for Engineering Leadership is a transformational graduate curriculum offered by The Gordon Institute in partnership with the College of Engineering at Northeastern University. Each year, a select number of highly qualified engineering professionals pursue the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program as part of a Master of Science degree in an engineering discipline or in biotechnology. Graduates of the program, known as Gordon Fellows, emerge with the capabilities and confidence to lead the engineering breakthroughs of tomorrow. Twelve of the 16-credit Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership Certificate are fulfilling specific course and elective requirements of the MS in Biotechnology. The Engineering Leadership Challenge Project fulfills the MS Biotechnology co-op requirement.

    Go here for curriculum requirements.

    Application Requirements:

    • Students must apply and be accepted to both programs separately and follow each program’s application and admission requirements
    • The application fee will be waived if a student is already enrolled in the certificate or MS program
    • If students have already completed the certificate program and wish to count credits towards the MS in Biotechnology program upon acceptance, the policy here applies.
    • If 12 credits are fulfilling requirements of both programs, both the MS and certificate must be completed/awarded at the same time.

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