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What Secrets Do Ballet Dancers Hold For People With Disabilities? Or For Robots?

Dagmar Sternad is looking to ballet dancers to find answers for people with disabilities through studies of human motor control and learning.
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Top row: A transition from normal epithelial cells in a honeycomb pattern (top left) to shifted cells. This transition leads to increasing disorder in their shapes. Bottom row: Simulated patterns from the theoretical vertex model recapitulate cell shapes and topologies.

These Cells Protect Your Organs, but Cancer May Send Them Running. Here’s a Theory Why.

Assistant Professor of Physics Max Bi helped develop a model of cell behavior, explaining why certain conditions cause epithelial cells to transition from a solid to a fluid-like state.
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Student Spotlight: Alex Lovely

Graduate student Alex Lovely shares some details and advice while reflecting on his personal experience here at Northeastern University.
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