REU Past Participants/Testimonials

2017 Participants

patrick anderson

Patrick Anderson, College of Great Falls

“Having come from a small university that doesn’t have an active research program, I found the opportunity to conduct research with a select group of students to be incredibly exciting. The ability to ask questions driven by my personal interests, and relative autonomy to design experiments to assess them has been an amazing experience. I would strongly encourage anybody considering a career in science to get involved in an REU as early in their collegiate career as possible.”



Lakshmi Batachari

Lakshmi Batachari, Harvey Mudd College

“The Northeastern REU has given me the chance to explore whether or not I want to pursue a career in scientific research. After completing the program, I feel more confident in what I want to do after I graduate. In addition to working in the lab, we had the chance to participate in leadership workshops, career/graduate school panels, research seminars, and weekend activities. What makes the Northeastern REU special is that our program sponsors, PIs, and graduate student mentors were invested in our learning and truly cared about us. Thank you to our program sponsors- Erin, Wendy, and Becky- for a wonderful REU experience!”


Tatiana Gelaf Romer

Tatiana Gelaf Romer, Johns Hopkins University

“Through the REU program at Northeastern, I learned not only how to formulate a research plan, but also how to overcome obstacles, troubleshoot protocols, and reframe my course of action when there were unexpected results. Overall, I feel like I gained the confidence to manage myself independently and productively in a lab setting.”




chris joanis

Chris Joanis, Wentworth Institute of Technology

“Upon arriving, I became immediately engrossed and immersed in my research. I learned more, accomplished more, and enjoyed the time at the REU more than any semester of college. My growth resulting from the REU environment is more than I could have expected; being surrounded by experts is the best way to rocket towards excellence.”




Destiney Kirby

Destiney Kirby, Arizona State University

“This summer challenged me to grow as a student, researcher, and human being as a whole. I would never trade this experience for anything else.”





Sarah Kerns, Wellesley College

“The REU program gave me the concentrated learning experience that I not only needed to understand and direct my future career, but that I could have gotten in no other way. I appreciate the lectures and exposure to many labs and resources. I appreciate the focus on career options and leadership. I enjoyed and benefitted from the camaraderie of our cohort and leaders. But most of all, I am grateful for the time in the lab. Top notch scientists, instructors and lab members were generous in sharing their time and experience to provide invaluable hands-on education that will benefit me in both the short and long term as I set out into the scientific community. It was a privilege to be a part of the Northeastern’s BIO REU program.”


georgia marquez-grap

Georgia Marquez-Grap, Wellesley College

“As an REU student, I was able to gain invaluable experience working in a research lab. Being able to work alongside PhDs, grad students, and PIs gave me a better understanding of the scientific process both in terms of the overall goal and day to day tasks. I especially enjoyed the career exploration that this program emphasized, as it exposed me to many different paths that I can take in the future.”



rachel pray

Rachel Pray, Syracuse University

“I am very thankful for this opportunity to learn and grow as a researcher these past ten weeks, all while making great friends and being immersed in the city of Boston. I will use the techniques and knowledge I have gained from this experience for years to come.”





yara rincon

Yara Rincon, New College of the University of South Florida

“I had a great experience doing the REU program at Northeastern University. While the research — which focused on the importance of calcium signaling in spermatheca contractility — was interesting, challenging and engaging, my lab team was knowledgeable and inviting, making this an amazing experience through-and-through. Further, the opportunities that were provided for growth in leadership and research skills were invaluable to my career as a scientist and fostered a true sense teamwork. I am happy to have been a part of such a wonderful program!”



amanda sampaio

Amanda Sampaio, Bunker Hill Community College

“I had an amazing summer at Northeastern University; this program is the perfect combination of science and love! The immediate immersion into the lab environment was essential in developing my laboratory skills and my ability to solve problems critically and effectively. The coordinators, seminars, and weekly activities were fun and I will always remember every moment with a smile. I am grateful for each lesson, failed experiment (you learn quickly that it happens more often than not), and for everyone that helped me grow as a scientist and as a person these past 10-weeks.”



soumba traore

Soumba Traore, Swarthmore College

“This REU experience was phenomenal. At first, I was a bit nervous about coming to a place full of strangers and conducting research, but this program really made me feel like I belonged in the scientific community. My time was well spent doing very interesting research with newly taught techniques, getting to know my wonderful graduate buddies and honestly having a blast exploring Boston! This summer is definitely one for the books!”



ethan wold

Ethan Wold, Brown University

“Drs Smith and Rosengaus are both wonderful coordinators and human beings. They did an amazing job organizing co-curricular activities to supplement our lab work, which included leadership sessions and a trip to a cadaver lab. My PI and grad student mentor were truly invested in my success and made sure I was achieving all of my personal goals. This was the best summer research experience I could have asked for!”



2016 Participants

Arlene Aristizabal

Arlene Aristizabal, Miami Dade College/University of Southern California






Eduardo Biala

Eduardo Biala, University of Guam







Geneva Ecola

Geneva Ecola, Harvey Mudd College







Bruck Gezahegn

Bruck Gezahegn, Baldwin Wallace University







Briana Lino

Briana Lino, Wellesley College







Aaron Maruzzo

Aaron Maruzzo, Williams College







Jorge Murillo

Jorge Murillo, Gavilan College/UC Davis







Joseph Murray

Joseph Murray, Le Moyne College







Adrienne Schuler

Adrienne Schuler, University at Buffalo







Shakirah Ssebyala

Shakirah Ssebyala, University of Massachusetts Amherst







2015 Participants

Yamilex Acevedo

Yamilex Acevedo, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

“The REU program helped me grow both as a professional and as a person. It taught me that even though science doesn’t always work (believe me when I say it doesn’t) you have to keep trying to work your way through the problem at hand. I also learned important and useful molecular and genetic techniques that will serve me to further comprehend the wonders of microbiology and life as a whole. Northeastern and its people will ALWAYS be in my heart!”



KeYona Barton

Ke’Yona Barton, Bennett College for Women

“This research granted me an amazing opportunity to grow and expand as an independent researcher. I was able to formulate my own project and work independently while also collaborating with my partner and professors. I truly enjoyed this experience and gained a plethora of knowledge and information!”



Bernard Jordan

Jordan Bernard, Providence College

“I learned an extraordinary amount during the ten week program and I’m confident that the skills I’ve gained will be beneficial in my future. In addition to the work experience being in Boston was a great cultural experience.”




Sarah Brantley

Sarah Brantley, Gettysburg College

“This program was an incredible experience! I was able to perform research that I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to do, and had an amazing summer in Boston! The experience was incredible and I’m really going to miss Boston!”




Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan, New College of Florida

“My summer at Northeastern as part of the NEU REU program was an experience I will never forget. I acquired confidence in my ability to troubleshoot and develop laboratory protocol to answer a scientific question. “I had an absolutely wonderful summer! Thank you so much for everything, especially your support.”




Evan Patev

Evan Patev, Mass College of Liberal Arts

“The research, the campus, and the city of Boston was an amazing experience and everything I had hoped for.”





Kelsha Sanchez

Kelsha Sanchez, John Jay College (CUNY)

“It’s true what they say about New England: It’s nice in the summer! The past ten weeks were filled with exposure to research procedures and practices connected by weekends of site seeing. I’ve emerged with a wealth of scientific knowledge and insight into its impact on the wider society. My mentors and PIs have made a lasting impression on my scientific career. I can honestly say that I have grown from this experience.”



Caleb Walters

Caleb Walters, Brown University

“When I first heard about Northeastern’s Research Opportunities in Biology, I was struck by what a perfect opportunity it seemed to be. Upon completing my summer at Northeastern I have to say it exceeded my expectations. My time was filled with interesting work, numerous learning experiences, great opportunities to explore Boston, and the housing + stipend ensured that I was able to focus on improving myself instead of worrying about financial obligations. Thank you for a great summer!”