BS/PhD in Biology

Biology offers a joint BS/PhD program that allows Northeastern undergraduate biology majors to use undergraduate course sharing and undergraduate research to accelerate their time to a PhD. A key part of this program is undergraduate research. Students will gain experience in research with a Northeastern faculty member during their undergraduate years, completing a Jr/Sr Honors research project. This foundation will give BS/PhD students a significant advantage when they begin their work towards a PhD thesis. BS/PhD students will take graduate classes (BIOL 5000+) during their undergraduate years 4 or 5. Two of these courses will count toward both the BS and the PhD degrees.

To participate in the program, students must have a 3.5 GPA in the biology major, as well as research experience. Therefore, interested students should speak with Biology Advising and the Biology Graduate Coordinator early, so that an optimal path to the BS/PhD can be designed. Students will apply formally to the PhD program by March 15 of their final year of undergraduate studies. GREs will not be required, and admission fees will be waived. Admitted students will begin the PhD program in the fall after completing the undergraduate portion of their studies. Students will receive the same admission offers and stipend support given to other PhD program applicants, with an April 15 deadline for the decision to enter the PhD program.