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BS in Biology

An axolotl looks out at the camera and swims in a tank.

By majoring in biology, students develop a broad understanding of the organization and processes of life, from molecules and cells through organs and organ systems to populations, species, ecosystems, and evolution. In addition to rigorous coursework in the biological sciences, the major promotes a thorough understanding of the mathematical, chemical, and physical principles necessary for a complete and challenging learning experience. As the curriculum progresses, students often choose to specialize in a sub-discipline of biology, such as physiology, endocrinology, cell biology, microbiology, or molecular biology, which they feel will best suit their own needs for future success in their individual career paths.

To graduate with a major in biology, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.000 for all science and mathematics courses required for the major. No double majors are offered in biology and biochemistry or in biology and behavioral neuroscience due to similarity in course curricula.

The undergraduate biology major prepares students for careers in the life sciences, including medical, dental, and other health-related fields. Students may find employment in federal, state, industrial, hospital, or university laboratories or in industries involved in the manufacture and distribution of biological products or equipment.  Biologists also work in fisheries, forestry services, research vessels, and more. Graduate study culminating in a master’s or doctoral degree can lead to careers in upper-level teaching or research in any of the life sciences.

The Department of Biology strongly encourages undergraduate research by providing opportunities and support through a number of departmental programs, including research co-ops and internships, course credit for research in faculty labs, honors theses and work-study research positions. Undergraduates are encouraged to present their findings at expos and conferences.

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