Undergraduate studies in the Department of Biology allow students the opportunity to develop a basic understanding of the organization and the processes of life, from the level of molecules and cells through the level of organs and organ systems to the level of populations, species, eco-systems and evolution. The programs offer the mathematical, chemical and physical background necessary to understand biology and to help train students in practical scientific skills associated with each of these areas of study.

Student Yaa Kyeremateng and Professor James Monaghan work together at a lab bench.

BS in Biology

By majoring in biology, students develop a broad understanding of the organization and processes of life, from molecules and cells through organs and organ systems to populations, species, ecosystems, and evolution.

Professor Wendy Smith talks to male student during an experiment. A female and male student also work on the lab. The female student records information in a lab notebook and the other male student listens to Professor Smith.

BS in Cell and Molecular Biology

The cell and molecular biology major includes the background in mathematics, chemistry, and physics needed in the study of biology and the practical scientific skills associated with each of these subject areas.

Slava Epstein and another researcher working in a lab

BS/PhD in Biology

Biology offers a joint BS/PhD program that allows Northeastern undergraduate biology majors to use undergraduate course sharing and undergraduate research to accelerate their time to a PhD.

A female student works in a lab

Combined Majors

The Department of Biology offers several options for combined majors.

An REU student working in the lab

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

The Department of Biology supports an REU site which focuses on interdisciplinary research across biological levels.


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