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BS/MS (PlusOne)

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The PlusOne Program at Northeastern University allows motivated students to accelerate their study by applying graduate credits taken as an undergraduate to both an undergraduate and a graduate degree.

There are several reasons why the PlusOne MS Bioinformatics program might be right for you.

  • Professionals with graduate level experience are more competitive upon entering the workforce.
  • The MS in Bioinformatics provides cross-disciplinary training in biology, computer science, and data analytics.
  • In as little as 5 years, you can earn a BS in your chosen major and a MS in Bioinformatics while still having the opportunity to participate multiple co-ops.

PlusOne program options:

  • BS Behavioral Neuroscience/MS Bioinformatics
  • BS Biochemistry/MS Bioinformatics
  • BS Biology/MS Bioinformatics
  • BS Cell and Molecular Biology/MS Bioinformatics
  • BS Computer Science/MS Bioinformatics
  • BS Computer Science and Biology/MS Bioinformatics
  • BS Data Science and Biochemistry/MS Bioinformatics

Thirty-two graduate credits are required for the PlusOne MS Bioinformatics program. Half of these (16 SH) can be taken as an undergraduate student. The other half will be taken as a graduate student. Upon graduation with a BS, students are considered full-time graduate students, enrolling in the same courses as other second year graduate students in the MS program.

To apply for the PlusOne MS Bioinformatics program you must be a current Northeastern undergraduate student. For more information contact your undergraduate faculty advisor.