Experiential Education

Kalil stands in front of a fence behind which two ostriches are peeking over his shoulder.
“Co-op took me to Belgium where I spent weekdays in the neuroscience lab and weekends making unforgettable memories with friends.” – Kalil Menezes, Biochemistry Major

Learning extends beyond the classroom at Northeastern. Providing students with opportunities for experiential education that links coursework with the real world is central to the mission both of the university and the College of Science.

Students put their classroom education to work in professional co-op settings through the university’s signature cooperative program. Working on their own or in partnership with a faculty member, they discover new insights through research.

Zoe Bishop works in a lab wearing a white coat and holding a pipette.
“My first co-op PI was on the admissions board for Harvard Medical School– talk about friends in high places! He’s helped me make important decisions, and I’m very thankful for that level of mentorship.” – Zoe Bishop, Biochemistry Major

Students also bring their classwork lessons directly to the community through service learning. They expand their educational boundaries by acquiring a world view through global learning opportunities.

Shirley Wang“At my co-op at Massachusetts General Hospital, I learned new techniques beyond the scope of the biochemistry major coursework. I was also exposed to the critical questions and thinking at the heart of scientific research.” – Shirley Wang, Biochemistry Major